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charlotte north carolina body wrapsHi there! My name is Eboni Poole; aside from being a Charlotte North Carolina It Works Independent Distributor, I am also a former corporate employee turned FULL TIME wife, mother of 3, and a digital entrepreneur passionista! I I believe that an empowered woman is a powerful woman. Some areas that I am particularly passionate about include financial empowerment: every woman should have her own source of income. Whether she is a full time career woman or a stay at home mom – having your own coin is a must! I am also passionate about self-empowerment and to me that includes self confidence, assurance and sense of purpose. 

Some years ago I set out on a mission to accomplish just those things which set on this unlikely journey as an It Works ! Global Distributor. I call it an unlikely journey because for many years I was adamant that I would never join the network marketing industry. Now as with many things that we swear “I would never!” to – it became the very thing that I would not only do, but the thing t hat I would become good at!

So why did I choose It Works! Global?


To be honest – my belly started it all! I’ve had several abdominal surgeries including 3 c-sections which made loosing the extra baby fat tough so I was introduced to It Works! through the body wraps. I had lost my confidence after struggling to get back in shape after having my second child and was desperate to feel like my old self. My results were absolutely AMAZING (feel free to contact me if you would like to see them) and I was sold on the product line.

But then I fell in love with the business. I came to realize that the old ways of making a living aren’t as reliable as they used to be. I stopped buying into the illusion that the corporate workplace was the best place to spend the rest of my life.I didn’t want to live the rest of my life dreading the 5 work days of the week. Working 50 weeks of the year just so someone else can tell me that I’ve then earned or become entitled to 2 weeks of “vacation” time. I KNOW there is a better way. And for me, that way has always lead me back to entrepreneurship and multiple streams of income.

Because: FREEDOM Freedom to do what I please with my time. Financial freedom. Peace of mind. To me, freedom is the ultimate luxury.

My decision to start this wellness journey with It Works! has changed my life and it’s possibilities in more ways that I can count. You see, I’ve tried many different business ventures over the years from online boutiques to internet marketing. I’ve achieved various levels of success with them all – but nothing encompassed the chance for me to use all of my skills and merge all of my passions the way that this business has. Not only that – but residual income is just a win win all around!

If you are interested in hearing more about this business or have an interest in one of our products – contact me for your free consultation. 

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