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The It Works! Greens line of products will help you take your nutrition up to another level by helping you to give your body detoxify, balance, and alkalize. The perfect boost, Greens is available in two different flavors, orange and berry and in our new Blend or the Original mix.

The natural blend of ingredients found in It Works! Greens product are designed to help alkalize the body, support your immune system for overall health and wellness and restore pH balance as well. Greens contain an amazing blend of vitamins, phytonutrients, enzymes and minerals in their naturally occurring bioactive, bioavailable form. Because of this, you experience a maximum absorption by your body for a nutritional boost.

There are natural detoxifying properties in the complex blend of 34 different varieties of fruits and vegetables as well as Matcha Green Tea (found in Greens Blend) that deliver the best nutrients to support your body to naturally cleanse and balance.

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It Works! Greens are Non-GMO and Vegain, contain no artificial colors, flavors or sweetners. With 52 herbs and nutrient rich superfoods, 34 fruits and veggies, acidity fighting magnesium and potassium blend the Greens are also allergen, soy, and dairy free.

As a dietary supplement, you want to mix two scoops of Greens or one packet of Greens on the Go with 8 fluid ounces of water or juice. Make sure you mix it thoroughly. Because Greens can be invigorating to your body, it is recommended that you avoid taking it 3-4 hours before bedtime. Despite the 52 herbs and nutrient rich superfoods and 34 fruits and veggies – Greens is not a replacement for fresh fruits and vegetables.

Greens is designed for adult use and not recommended for children or pregnant women. You’ll want to consult a doctor.

As I stated previously – Greens is available in 2 distinct flavors: Orange and Berry. I personally love the Orange flavor. It can be mixed with fluid – water or juice. My preference is Orange juice when I’m using the Orange flavor. When I use berry flavor, I like the taste best with grapefruit juice.

Aside from being available in two flavors, there is also the Greens Blend and the Original version. Each is available in 3 sizes: Greens on the Go which is single serving packets, standard size container which contains roughly a 30 day supply when used once per day and the economy size.

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The It Works Greens Ingredients list and product information is available here: It Works Greens Ingredients