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Hair Skin Nails Nourishing Complex by It Works

I did the big chop at the end of January 2014 after just several months of transitioning. After cutting all of my relaxed ends, I had just a couple inches of hair remaining depending on where you measured (I transitioned from a short hair cut). Shortly after transitioning my company, It Works – launched one of our now best selling products the Hair Skin Nails Nourishing Complex. Naturally, I decided that I would add Hair Skin Nails to my existing hair care regimen which included protective styling as well.

On it’s own, my hair grows on the slower side of average.However I definitely saw an improvement in my overall condition of my hair once relatively soon after adding this supplement to my existing regimen.

What is the It Works Hair Skin Nails

It Works Hair Skin Nails Nourishing Complex is a blend of plant based nutrients, essential vitamins and minerals that are all fundamental to supporting the best possible health for your hair skin and nails. The proprietary blend of plant-based ingredients, vitamins and minerals found in It Works Hair Skin Nails boosts your body’s natural production of collagen and keratin. Collagen and keratin are vital proteins that make up the foundation of your hair, skin and nails.

Why should I care about those things?:

Our nails and hair are primarily made up of protein, this protein gives them the strength they need to grow strong and healthy. Now, the body doesn’t store protein so over the course of time, we lose some.

This is where keratin comes into play. As defined by Wikipedia: Keratin is a family of fibrous structural proteins. Keratin is the key structural material making up the outer layer of human skin. It is also the key structural component of hair and nails . Keratin also behaves as a sort of protective material on cells due its non permeability characteristic.

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Collagen is a protein that is produced naturally by our bodies. It is key to giving your skin firmness and elasticity. In our teens and 20’s we take the importance of collagen for granted, truth is – most of us weren’t even aware of what collagen was during that time in our life. As we get older, the natural production of collagen begins to slow down.

Not only that, but the existing collagen in our skin can get damaged due to things like sun exposure and other bad habits. The end result is every woman’s worst nightmare: wrinkles, sagging skin, crows feet, etc.

The ability to maintain healthy balances of both are part and parcel in achieving healthy hair skin and nails. Although our bodies naturally produce all of the essential elements we often unknowingly counter them through our bad habits, poor diets, lack of water, and just “life” in general. This is where a supplement like It Works Hair Skin Nails can help restore what was lost and bring your body back into optimal balance.

Of course, supplements alone are not sufficient enough to support healthy hair growth. It is also important that you maintain a healthy, well balanced diet – drink plenty of water and incorporate healthy hair practices into your daily hair care routine as well.

What are the ingredients in It Works Hair Skin Nails:

Each serving (2 tablets) of It Works Hair Skin Nails contains:

Biotin 5,000mcg: Biotin is a water soluable member of the B-vitamin family. It is ncessary for cell growth and also aids in the metabolism of fats and amino acids. Biotin is found naturally in many foods, therefore true biotin deficiencies are rare. However it is the most common ingredient in dietary supplements for strengthening hair and nails.

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MSM 200mg: MSM stands for methyl-sulfonyl-methane and it is an organic compound that contains sulfur. It is produced by certain plants and is thought to aid in making hair thicker, more shiny and stronger. Sulfur is necessary and can be found in every cell of our bodies. It is needed for the production of collagen 


Horsetail: Horsetail extract is an herbal natural silica

Vitamins C,E and B6 as well as pantothenic acid, zinc, selenium and manganese. It Works Hair Skin Nails ingredients also includes a proprietary blend of Grape seed e3xtract, Fo Ti root, amla fruit extract, goji fruit extract, Japanese seaweed blend which includes kombu, nori and walkame. In addition to that, there is also algae extract, olive fruit extract and melon pulp extract.

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